"Jessica Rabbit" by Oilbasedoleander.

Does this Sim even need an introduction??? I am blown away at how much like the cartoon this Sim looks! Good job, Oilbasedoleander! I never would have considered playing JR as a Sim, but now I guess I can :D The only changes I would make (if I had the CAS demo *tear*) would be to make her chest cartoonishly large and her waist cartoonishly small—hey, she’s a cartoon, so might as well go there!

She is going to make my Willow Creek or whatever the neighborhood is called so much more interesting ;)

"Suga Plum" and "Shonda Jackson" by blewis823.

Light-skinned Black women who actually look Black. (Yes, I said it—it is my personal opinion that these Sims would not have been physically possible in The Sims 3). Look at those hips! Werk!

Basically, blewis823 makes the best Black Sims, and I am saying this as a Black woman. Look her up on Origin when the game drops because all her Sims (and not just the Black ones, lol) are so unique and interesting and beautiful!

"Jack London" by Oilbasedoleander.

I would basically like to become a Sim and insert myself into whatever world this Sim inhabits so that I can ravish…er…marry, and then ravish…this stunningly handsome white man. Yes, Lawd!

Oilbasedoleander also has been making some beautiful, diverse, and realistic looking Sims, so I will download all of her creations as well :D

My Favorite TS4 CAS Demo Sims I’ve Seen So Far

[This is mostly so that I can save them for future reference.] I put the name of the Sim and the creator’s Sims 3 forum name in the caption for some of the pictures (to see it, just click on the picture to enlarge it and you will see the caption).

The talent of the Simmers in our community NEVER ceases to amaze me. EA should hire regular simmers to create the townies, seriously.

The Weirdest/Tensest/Most Unrealistic Dinner I’ve Had in a Long While.

I told Mary-Sue to make some macaroni and cheese for the family (she burnt it), and as she was setting the table, Dustin and Kaylynn (fresh from a swim in the family pool!) came and sat down. Then, because there was nowhere else to sit after setting the table, Mary-Sue sat at the island while her husband’s mistress sat at the table. On top of that, Daniel’s cheating behind sat next to Mary-Sue, because there was nowhere else to sit. And the husband, mistress, wife, daughter’s friend, and other daughter’s boyfriend had a lovely dinner conversation about bugs. 

Ouch. Poor Mary-Sue—she had to serve her husband’s heaux! 

Trick—THIS Why You Bout to be Single!

*Note: I do not condone or rationalize cheating for any reason… bad dancing or bad fashion notwithstanding*

**Also note the scowl that passes over Mary-Sue’s face when Kaylynn Langerak slinks by in her underwear. What a shameless heaux!**

They HATE Each Other.